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Coral Reef & Seaweed - $300 Floating Leaves - $250 Sea of Fire - $300 Springtime Blossoms24"x18" on canvas.  Sealed in resin

Barbara Harmer studied the art form called "Chigirie" (Chee-gee-ree-ay) when she lived in Japan for 7 years. All her art is made from handmade Japanese paper on artist's canvas, and sealed with clear acrylic. No paint is used, although some mixed media may be included. Recently she has challenged herself to creating Bombay India Ink & Resin pieces on canvas, and entering art shows with themes such as Day of The Dead, Assemblages (cow skulls) and blinged out human skull replicas. She is available for commissions to your specifications.


dave lewallen said on Sep 17, 2011 1:00 PM
Compelling use of color with a unique approach to bringing you art into a third dimension.